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Introduction (“introduction” in Japanese is “shokai”) Shokai

Karate Kid! One of the most popular movies of all time! It was released 22 years ago and is still really popular.

Of course you know what Karate is…don’t you? But where did it begin? Where is Okinawa anyway? And is Karate just punching and kicking people?

You will be studying the movie Karate Kid this term.

Before you watch it, you will do some research. Each team in your class will learn one piece of the puzzle and then you will come together to get a better understanding of Karate, so that when we watch the movie, together we will be able to answer the question…

Whose Karate teaching is better: Mr Miyagi’s or Sensei Kreese? Why?

Whole class go to We will read “Zen Stories” together. You will answer the questions in pairs.

Old Story 1: Vocabulary for your spelling book: earnestly, devoted, casual, impatiently.

What was the surprise?
What answer did you think the teacher would give?

Old Story 2: Vocabulary for your spelling book: civil, invading, curious, bow down, sword, run through (with a sword), blinking, despite, threat

What did the general want the master to do?
What 3 things did the master do which show that he was not afraid?

What do these stories show us about teachers or masters in old Japan?


Group One
Your name is Michael/Michelle Miyagi. You have just seen Karate Kid and discovered that someone with your great-grandfather’s name was very important in the origins of Karate. You want to explore who this man is.

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Group Two
You are a Karate teacher. You want to teach your students that Karate is not just hurting and kicking people.

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Group Three
You are an actor. You want to be in a new movie (a remake) of Karate Kid. You need to show that you understand what the movie teaches about Karate when you audition next week. Unfortunately, you haven’t seen the film, and can’t find a copy.

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