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 Karate Kid ALL GROUPS
Worksheet 4
9Questions about Karate

Sensei is having a bad day. He makes some mistakes here. Can you correct him? Cross out the incorrect words/sentences and write the correct ones.

Student: Sensei, could you tell me about Karate? What does it mean? How did it start, and things like that?

Sensei: Yes, student-san. Sit down because I am tired, and listen.

Karate means a vegetable that grows under the ground and is orange. Hmmm! Very delicious. The true art of karate is not to eat all the time, but to beat your opponent. You must become the fattest person you can.

Do you know that ‘dojo’ means ‘teacher’? You must call me dojo to show that I am a nice guy.

Sensei is the training place. It’s the word in Australian cooking arts which means "cooking hall".

Student: Er… yes, dojo. Er, um… could you please tell me about Okinawa?

Sensei: Okinawa. Yes! Okinawa is an island near Australia which was taken over in 1909. The new government taught everyone how to fight Karate.

There are different schools of Karate. For example, in the west of Okinawa, men had strong legs from swimming, so the Karate there uses lots of kicking. However, in the east, men have strong heads from fishing, so Karate there uses lots of head butts.

Now, what you need to practice… There are 3 three things to practice. Er, um, er… They’re called er… first er… second… let me see… third… um… er…

Anyway, Chojun Miyagi is a very famous cook who made those orange vegetables famous.

He called his cooking school Jugo Ryu which means ‘cooked-uncooked school’.

He taught that eating is the beginning and end of Karate.

Um. Enough, student-san. I’m hungry. I must go get something to eat.