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 Karate Kid GROUP ONE

Worksheet 2: A difficult worksheet

Okinawa Karate – Chojun Miyagi

On this website, you will find out about Chojun Miyagi, and find a story about him. You will also collect 2 wise things he could say.

  1. Find the title Chojun Miyagi, and the dates below this title.
  1. When was he born _________
  2. When did he die _________
  1. Copy the quotations in italics next to Chojun Miyagi’s picture
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. Press control + end to get to end of document.
  4. Click on articles (PICTURE OF YELLOW BOOK AND PEN).
  5. Scroll down to NO 36 – click on NO 36.
  6. Tell the story of the "Dancing Old Man" in easy English, in the first person. Tell the story as if you are Chojun Miyagi.



You can use this story in your interview.