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 Karate Kid GROUP TWO

Worksheet 2

Dojo Etiquette

1. Replace the underlined words with synonyms from the website. Write the synonyms in the space provided.

Write 10 vocabulary words and their sentences in your spelling books. You can use these for your task.

Training Hall _____Etiquette : Rules of Behaviour ________

A martial artist tries ________ to make himself better _______ himself as a person in five specific areas. They include:

* Character Development
* Effort
* Sincerity
* Respect
* Self-Control

The Dojo Kun
Seek 100% excellence ____________of character.
Be loyal _________.
Respect Others.
Hold back _________ from violent behavior.

Since there is a danger _______of injury, classes must be run in an orderly manner, which includes strict discipline. Safety must come first! So please keep _____to the following training rules:

* Bend over from the waist ______ when entering or leaving the karate practising _________ area.
* Take off ___________ shoes when entering the dojo. Not at any time __________ walk on the floor with your shoes on.
* The dojo must be kept as no dirt _________as possible. Clothing and personal items should be placed tidily _________along the back wall of the dojo.
* Good personal cleanliness _______________ must be observed. Uniforms must be kept clean. Finger and toe nails should be kept not long _________ to reduce the possibility of harm _________.
* Jewelry, watches and rings must not be worn while training.
* Lolly which is never swallowed __________________ is not allowed when training. It is rude ___________________ and is not a safe practice.
* Be silent __________________with your fellow student during class. Sensei _______________ talks and students use their ears __________________.
    • Playing games ____________ or being silly _____________ will not be tolerated. Karate training demands discipline of both body and mind. Any student bad behaviour ______________

____________________________________________ could cause someone to be injured.

* Show respect to all class members i.e., bow to each other when working together. And ____________________ always maintain control of your techniques at all times.
* Since not being late ______________ is part of the self-discipline karate-do encourages, arriving late for class should be avoided whenever possible. Anytime you arrive late and training has begun, wait at the not the front ____________of the dojo until the instructor moves his hand or head ______________ you in before entering class.
  1. Match the word or phrase with its meaning:

1. refrain

be silent

2. hygiene

keep, stick to

3. dojo


4. in addition

100% excellent

5. do not talk

not being late

6. disrespectful


7. injury

hold back, stop yourself

8. perfection

chance of danger

9. adhere

acting silly

10. promptness

personal cleanliness

11. risk

the karate training area or hall

12. horseplay

harm or hurt