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Process (“process” in Japanese is “katei”) Katei

Group Two: Follow the following steps to help you complete your task.

Step 1

To get a little introduction to Karate, go to this website:

  • Each student in the group build a sequence of moves.

Step 2

Go to the following website.
Look at Worksheet 1.
To find the English words for front kick, straight punch, upward block and x block, click on the header: Glossary of Japanese Words.
Scroll down, looking for the English word. Then fill in the meaning for the Japanese words on Worksheet 1.

Step 3

Now, return to
This time, the group builds this sequence of moves
5. age-uke
6. juji-uke
7. choku-zuki
8. mae-geri

Watch this sequence many times. You will learn this sequence to show the class later. Ask your teacher to practice these moves one person at a time. You will need to practise many times.

Step 4

Because you are a karate teacher, you already know the rules of the dojo, and you wrote this website.

When you wrote the worksheet for your students, however, you couldn’t decide which words were better to use.

Write in the words from the website to fix Worksheet 2. (Make sure you understand this well, because you will have to use these words in your Karate lesson, when you teach about the dojo. See your Task.)

Step 5

One more website! 9Questions About Karate
Go to

One more worksheet: Worksheet 4. Perhaps some students could ask the Sensei some of these questions…don’t forget that students cannot ask questions in the dojo.

Step 6

Well done! You have successfully researched rules of the dojo, and know something about Karate.

Now check your Task.

How will you teach the rules of the dojo using Drama? What story will you tell?

Check Evaluation to see what you must do to pass and get a good mark.