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Process (“process” in Japanese is “katei”) Katei

Group One: Follow these steps to help you complete your task:

Step 1

Chojun Miyagi was one of the original Karate masters.
To get a little introduction to Karate, go to this website:

  • Each student in the group build a sequence of moves.

Step 2

Go to the following website:

Complete Worksheet 1.

To find the English words for front kick, straight punch, upward block, x block, and click on the header Glossary of Japanese Words.
Scroll down, looking for the English word. Then fill in the meaning for the Japanese words on Worksheet 1.

Step 3

Now, return to
This time, the group builds this sequence of moves
1. age-uke
2. juji-uke
3. choku-zuki
4. mae-geri

Watch this sequence many times. You will learn this sequence to show the class later. Ask your teacher to practice these moves one person at a time. You will need to practise many times.

Step 4

On the following website, will find out a little about Chojun Miyagi, and read a story about him. You will also collect 2 wise things he could say in his interview.

Complete Worksheet 2

Step 5

Go to

Complete Worksheet 3

Step 6

Go to “Karate Okinawa and Miyagi Chojun”.

Complete Worksheet 5

Step 7

You’re doing really well. You have already got so much information about you great-grandfather. You just need a little bit more, so read “9Questions about Karate”. What new information does it give you?

Complete Worksheet 4

Step 8

Last step before you start to write your interview.

Go to to find where Okinawa is.
Go to to find where Naha is in Okinawa.
Locate Okinawa on the classroom globe, so you can get Miyagi Sensei to show the class where he and Karate came from.

Step 9

Well done. You have successfully researched Miyagi Chojun and some aspects of Karate. You are now ready to write your interview.

Check your Task.

  • You must write at least 10 questions to ask Miyagi Sensei, your great-grandfather, so that you complete your task.
  • One group member will be Miyagi Sensei, and the rest of the group must ask the questions. Make it interesting and fun. Who is each of you? Be a character! Let one of you be Michael Miyagi, perhaps one of you could be Sensei’s wife (who had 10 children!)…what did his wife feel about Karate?
    Who else could you be?
    How will Sensei walk and talk? Is he old? Try and build his character. Look at the first point in the Evaluation rubric.